Running Tomorrow's Web; a series of conferences/meet-ups in London for young designers and developers

An Introduction

Tomorrow's Web was a meetup, held in London once every few months for young entrepreneurs, creatives and developers who wanted to meet their peers and exchange amazing ideas! Every meetup started with up to three speakers, followed by an opportunity to chat with your friends, old and new, about the fantastic things that you work on. Then we all went to the pub for a few drinks and a chat!


After attending a few conferences myself as a budding developer, I realised that there was a gap in the market - an affordable conference aimed at a younger generation just getting into the industry. Together with two good friends Chris and Andrew, we put a plan into action to bring Tomorrow's Web to London in the winter of 2012. The events were a huge success and we ended up running 4 over the course of a year. Unfortunately due to other commitments, the three of us couldn't run the conferences for as long as we'd hoped - but I am proud of the legacy they have created and the fun we had.


Chris, Andrew & I made a conscious effort to have speakers who had joined the industry at a young age, and hand picked sponsors who were looking for apprenticeships and interns. These decisions turned out to be invaluable to our attendees; many of whom got their first jobs in the industry as a result of attending of our events.