An interactive app for SS Great Britain that allows discovery of over 30,000 of the ship's inhabitants, both online and in the museum.

An Introduction

For one of my first projects at Deep Blue Sky; I was tasked with creating the front-end for an easy to use, interactive tablet experience for both online and in-museum kiosks. The project was my first project written in Vue.js; a tool that became invaluable when working with the interactive elements of the site and the huge dataset we were provided with.


The app was built using Vue.js, with all data coming from a custom API that our back-end team built. The CMS is Spirit, our in-house platform. The front-end is fully responsive and uses Google Maps for the maps functionality.


The app has had a big impact on-board the ship, launching to much praise from voluenteers and staff, as well as visitors to the museum over the busy half-term week. I hope to take what we have and improve on it with new features and functionality in due course.

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