OneSub, a new online platform aiming to save democracy. See every angle of the news stories you read, and track your bias for free.

An Introduction

We believe that news should be substantial not sensational. Since we all make our voting decisions based directly or indirectly on what we read in the news, it's imperative that the news we read was written to convey facts and opinions.

OneSub is a new platform that correlates multiple news articles from across the web into one story - to allow you to see all sides. The front-end is run completely on Vue.js, powered by an API from our back-end systems. We have spent the past 6 months refining and tweaking the user experience into something that is clean and easy to understand.


The project began in mid-2018, and very quickly the team had a working prototype running internally. A decision was made to build the front-end in Vue.js as it has quickly become our JS framework of choice at Deep Blue Sky thanks to its small learning curve, easy to understand syntax and extendability. We've been sure to build on top of this in a componentised manner, which means it's very simple for us to add new features as we see fit.

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