Showcasing independent businesses in the wonderful city I call home with my side project; Independent Bath

An Introduction

Bath is a beautiful city full of fantastic independent retails of all shapes and sizes. Sadly, some of these are off the beaten-track and without prior knowledge; hard to find. With that in mind I created Independent Bath to showcase independent businesses in the wonderful city I have called home for the past 6 years.


I've always loved Bath and I wanted to help show off some of our incredible independent retailers. I thought the best way to do this would be to do what I do best, create a website! Over a few weeks and countless late nights, I had an initial version I was happy with. I then spent an extra few weeks populating with content from sources around the web and emailing retailers directly.


Independent Bath runs on WordPress and uses a custom boilerplate template that I've built over the past few years. With complex use of custom fields, I have been able to output a lot of useful retailer information to help people decide who they want to visit. Whilst building the site I also got to play around with a custom map, which uses MapBox's API.


Independent Bath has had a lasting legacy on the bath independent scene. Being one of the first sites of its kind, it has inspired countless others to promote our local economy. I continue to work with local businesses on their websites and online presence as a result of building contacts through the project.