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Building the front-end for some of the UK's biggest eCommerce retailers such as Route One, Robert Welch, Whittard, Teapigs & more

An Introduction

Whilst at blubolt I built the front-end for some of the UK's biggest eCommerce retailers. When I started at the company I was the only front-end developer by title, so built absolutely every site that left our doors! However, after a few years I started to hire into and manage a small front-end team. This roll shift meant I oversaw smaller eCommerce builds, whilst still getting my hands dirty and coding the front-end for our bigger clients. It also meant I had more time to spend on internal projects and tooling. At at my time of leaving the company the front-end team was 6 people, I am immensely proud of what we achieved and will miss them all dearly.

Example sites

The best way to see my work is to check out the live sites yourself! Below are some links to projects I have built the entire front-end on: