Building a fully responsive checkout from the ground up to be fast, friendly and configurable.

An Introduction

In 2015 a team inside blubolt made it their aim to re-write our ageing checkout and basket. The new checkout was a huge undertaking, with the plan to have it rolled out to over 30 clients simultaneously. I provided UX consultation, feature scoping and research; along with the front-end build, training and maintenance.


The checkout process at blubolt had become a bit dated - new emerging technologies were ever more popular and our checkout codebase was becoming bloated and monolithic. We knew we wanted to take advantage these modern technologies and use our greater internal understanding of how to build modularised web applications and a sustainable front-end. A group of designers and developers sat down to write some user stories for common checkout flows/goals, we also spent a few weeks researching other checkouts and features. What followed was 8 months of design and build to create a checkout that covered all sorts of senarios such as click and collect, PayPal, reserving in store and express pay.


The new checkout was built using a new CSS library I was working on at the time called bluprint. With a solid foundation in place, the checkout and basket could have their styles scoped easily; to not affect any older areas of our sites. A big part of the new checkout process was our "one decision at a time" mantra when it came to user experience - meaning we split out all areas clearly so you'd only be concerned about one part of the process at a time. This flow was highlighted at industry events and Vicky Board, National Development Manager at DPD Pickup can be quoted as saying "the customer journey built by blubolt stands out as best in class".


The checkout redesign has allowed our clients to take advantage of new technology such as click and collect and click and reserve, it also paved the way for PCI compliance; something we integrated earlier this year. The checkout re-write has taken internal development/integration time down from weeks per client, to merely hours. Over 10 million people a year now use our new checkout process to buy their goods online. If you'd like to see the checkout process in action, you can visit the following: Route One, Robert Welch, Whittard, Teapigs, MiPac, Joseph Turner, Seasalt or Hush.