A detail-orientated User Interface Developer, building interesting things for the web whilst travelling around Asia.

About me

👋  Hello, my name is Lewis. I'm a User Interface developer from the UK, currently travelling around Asia. I've been a working with the web for over 12 years, starting all the way back when I was just 13. I love creating clean, modern & usable sites and online experiences.

For six years I headed up the front-end team at blubolt - a leading eCommerce agency. Whilst at blubolt, I spent my time building front-end features and functionality to help fuel growth, and improve all aspects of our integration process. I was hands-on with clients and a public facing member of the production team. I built most of the front-end on our client sites and our internal tooling/platform features.

For two years I worked with the team at Deep Blue Sky; a leading software development studio. Whilst at Deep Blue Sky I have built the front-end for varying projects including an interactive museum kiosk, a medical recruitment platform and a browser plugin to help you manage your news bias.

As of September 2019, I'm travelling through Asia whilst working with the poolside.fm team, where I lead development.



What I can help with

If you would like to work on something interesting together; I am available for a limited amount of freelance work next month. I am happy to take on a wide varity of front-end projects but here is a list of things I particularly love helping with:

  • Front-end feasability/scoping

  • Building front-end pattern libraries

  • WordPress integrations

  • Full redesigns/front-end rewrites of existing products

  • Single Page Apps written in Vue

  • Development critque/general usability improvements

Contact Me

You can follow me on , listen to some playlists I am building on Spotify, get all professional on LinkedIn or view some photos I've taken recently on Instagram. Alternatively, if you want to work together, please feel free to contact me via email.

View source code on GitHub.